Crop Scouts - Conditions Across Nebraska

10/24/2013 12:30:00 PM

LaDene Rutt, Deuel County

Dryland corn harvest is just about complete and most farmers are starting on irrigated corn. Sunflower harvest is going full swing. Yields on dryland were low, many of the stalks were standing, but ears were on the ground. Moisture level in corn is running around 11 percent and in sunflowers it was about 10 percent. If conditions stay dry harvest should be complete by end of October or early November.

North Central
Henry Beel, Brown County

Harvest continues in our area. Soybean harvest is about done and some corn harvest has just started. Silage chopping was about three weeks late this year. We’ve received ample amounts of moisture this fall and the pastures are holding up well. The meadows have a lot of after growth which will be good to wean calves and winter cows on.

Aaron Fehringer, Madison County

Soybean harvest is wrapping up and yields are between 55 and 65 bushels per acre for dryland. Some irrigated beans went as high as 80 bushels per acre. Corn harvest is starting on dryland and so far yields are 170 to 185 bushels an acre. During the week of Oct. 14 our area had 2-3 inches of rain, and that has slowed people down in fields. If conditions stay dry, harvest should be complete by end of October or early November.

Brian Maricle, Boone County

We are about half done with corn harvest and soybean harvest is complete. Soybean yields were strange as dryland yielded just as well as the irrigated. We had a very nice rain the week of Oct. 14 that filled the pasture dams. However, the subsoil moisture is still lacking.

Allan Mortensen, Frontier County

Most of the soybeans have been harvested and 90 percent of dryland corn is out. Yields were spotty – some were good and other fields were zeroed out because of the lack of moisture. People are starting to harvest irrigated corn and they have seen between 8 to 23 percent moisture on corn. People are being picky about which fields they will harvest, so they don’t have the expense of drying corn down. Pastures in our area vary.

South Central
Jason Frink, Adams County

Soybean harvest is done, but corn harvest is going slow because it is still wet and farmers have had to dry down the corn. We have a lot of seed corn in our area and that has been completely harvested. As far as moisture, we have had anywhere from 5.5 to 7.5 inches in the last month.

Duane Sugden, Johnson County

Harvest in our area is getting in full swing. Crops are carrying a lot of moisture and corn has had to be dried down. Both corn and beans look really good and yields are turning out better than people expected. We’ve had more than 4 inches of rain over the last month. The ponds are full and grass is still green, so all is good.

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