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10/31/2013 8:24:53 AM

Nebraska Farm Bureau Members Invited to Become Rapid Responders

Times have changed along with where people get their information. Social media, including sites like Facebook, Twitter and many more, has become a trusted source of news for people around the world.

“There are many conversations happening online about agriculture, and it can be hard to keep up on the latest. However, a new Nebraska Farm Bureau program, Rapid Responders, intends on making an impact on the conversation,” said Kassi Williams, Nebraska Farm Bureau communications coordinator.

“In some instances, we need a farmer or rancher to provide real-life examples in response to questions and inaccuracies that are posted on our social media sites,” said Williams. “We have a great network of farmers and ranchers – we just need them to assemble in order to make an impact.”

A recent Nielsen study showed that the top two sources of trusted information are recommendations from people you know, 92 percent, and consumer opinions posted online, 70 percent. The Rapid Responders program was created to capitalize on the strengths of Farm Bureau utilizing the first-hand knowledge of members via a method of communication that consumers trust.

When a situation on social media arises an email with a link to the conversation will be sent to Rapid Responders asking for their input to answer questions or clarify topics with their farming or ranching perspective. When applicable and available, the email will also contain links with additional reference information. Additional resources will also be available in the Rapid Responders group on Nebraska Farm Bureau’s members website.

“Rapid Responders will be a valuable resource allowing members to offer their perspectives on a number of agricultural topics,” said Williams. “We are asking our members to join as Rapid Responders to continue promoting ag literacy and to ensure their stories are being shared in their own words.

Interested Nebraska Farm Bureau members are encouraged to contact Tina Henderson at or 402-421-4436. Please indicate if you are willing to communicate with radio, television or print media contacts as well.

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