Dawson County Farm Bureau Collecting Heifers for Atlas Relief

11/15/2013 8:08:00 AM

Through the Heifers for South Dakota relief program in cooperation with the Dawson County Cattlemen, one Dawson County Farm Bureau member is collecting heifers at his feedlot in Cozad. 

“These heifers will go to the Chadron area and remain in Nebraska,” said Mark Albrecht, Dawson County Farm Bureau member. I spoke with two individuals involved with the program and knew that I had to do something to help, continued Albrecht. 

Albrecht will be collecting heifers at his feedlot in Cozad each Wednesday through the week of Dec. 7. This was for ease with the brand inspection regulations; however, if farmers or ranchers need to drop off cattle on another day, they are asked to contact Mark at 308-325-0669. Please note that no heifers will be collected the week of Thanksgiving. 

The cattle will be hauled to the Chadron area, and once they have been inventoried based on genetics, age and expected calving date will be added to the herds of Nebraska ranchers who experienced significant losses due to Atlas. A five cattlemen committee will determine placement of the heifers as they fit the ranchers’ existing programs.

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