Policy Forum Engages Members on Key Ag Issues

11/15/2013 10:11:52 AM


Farmers and ranchers from across the state met in Kearney Nov. 14 to take part in Nebraska Farm Bureau’s Policy Forum. The forum allows representatives from County Farm Bureaus to meet and discuss agriculture policy resolutions forwarded by individual county Farm Bureaus. The meeting culminates with the organization’s State Legislative Policy Committee developing a policy resolution report that includes resolutions to be discussed by delegates to Nebraska Farm Bureau’s annual meeting in December.

Key issues to be discussed by delegates in December:

Funding for Water Programs – With a state task force preparing to make recommendations on priorities for state water projects and identifying ways in which the projects could be funded, farmers and ranchers have much at stake in the overall direction of Nebraska water policy.

Proprietary Producer Information – Vast amounts of farm production data is being collected as part of the explosion of technology in agriculture. More and more questions are emerging about who owns the data and how the data is being used. Data management is a major emerging issue for farm families adopting new technologies.

Renewable Fuels – At a time when Environmental Protection Agency is evaluating the future of the Renewable Fuels Standard, delegates will discuss the future of renewable energy and agriculture’s role in it.

State Tax Reform – State tax reform will be front and center in the 2014 Nebraska Legislative session. Members will discuss ideas on the type of tax reform and the way in which tax relief for farm and ranch families should be pursued.

Brand Law – Nebraska brand law and inspection area was a source of much discussion during Nebraska Farm Bureau’s policy forum. Delegates will get the chance to further engage on the direction of Farm Bureau’s policy in this area.

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