2013 Children’s Agriculture Book of the Year Selected

12/27/2013 8:00:00 AM

Nebraska Farm Bureau’s Ag Promotion Committee has selected “The Guardian Team” as the 2013 Children’s Agriculture Book of the Year for grades 4-5.

“The Guardian Team: On the Job with Rena and Roo,” by Cat Urbigkit, tells the story of how Rena, the runt of a litter of seven pups, and Roo, a one-year-old wild burro, have a close connection with the sheep they guard on a ranch in Wyoming. The bond between the dog and burro begins early on, but they must overcome their fear of each other before they can work together as livestock guardians. In this companion book to her award-winning “Brave Dogs, Gentle Dogs,” Urbigkit uses simple, informative text and eye-catching photographs to show how Rena and Roo develop into guardian animals.

Urbigkit is a news reporter and rancher. Her research in livestock protection has taken her from the sagebrush desert of Wyoming to the mountains of Bulgaria. She lives in Pinedale, Wyo.

The Ag Promotion Committee will donate a copy of the book and teacher’s guide for County Farm Bureau Learning Barns. If you would like to purchase a copy of "The Guardian Team: On the Job with Rena and Roo," contact Shanya Meyer at shaynam@nefb.org or 402-421-4747.

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