Members the Heart and Soul of Nebraska Farm Bureau

11/21/2013 7:00:00 AM

“All heaven and earth resound with that subtle and delicately-balanced truth that the old paths are the best paths after all.” ~ J.C. Ryle

There’s a saying that goes something like this, “the future belongs to the living.” This saying is so true. And, it’s especially true about the future of the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation. Our members are our future, we’re nothing without them. From all walks of life, all ages and perspectives, our members determine the course our organization will take for future generations to come.

The Regional Directors of Membership (RDMs) and our Lincoln office team are the heart of the membership department. They are the face of the organization on the front lines – on the phone, in the farm fields, livestock barns, small town streets and urban centers where they represent our organization.They are a source of information and inspiration for our County Farm Bureau boards. And, they are a vital link between Nebraska Farm Bureau insurance agents who also play a crucial role in cultivating memberships across the state. They identify leadership and motivate people to get involved.

The membership services department took a moment to share what motivates their hearts to serve our invaluable members in the regions they serve. Each of them brings a unique perspective and set of talents to the team. Those with years of experience provide a wealth of history and insight to the new generation coming forward. In many ways they resemble the diversity of our membership themselves. That’s what makes them such a valuable group.

“Working with the Nebraska Farm Bureau membership family is an honor as well as a blessing. The growth of this grassroots organization through the work of the County Farm Bureaus, Nebraska Farm Bureau and Farm Bureau Financial Services teams continue to reflect the pride and success of the organization and what it stands for. It’s exciting to help facilitate the growth of leadership at the county level and to connect them with the opportunities that exist in the organization. The members are the reason this organization is what it is today! What a privilege to work for them!”

Tim Horn
Northwest District, Hemingford

“What’s the best part about my job as a Regional Director of Membership for Nebraska Farm Bureau? That’s easy! I have the opportunity to work for the greatest people in the world! Farmers and ranchers are among the most genuine and sincere people on earth. It’s an honor to work with those from a variety of backgrounds who want to help feed their neighbors and those who have a deep connection with the earth and all things living.”

Clark Kinnison
Northeast District, Pierce

“The FFA Creed starts with the line, ‘I Believe in the Future of Agriculture.’ I too believe in the future of agriculture, but see agriculture being misunderstood on some sides by forces that could destroy this culture. Farmers and ranchers along with others who have a passion for agriculture can work united in the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation. This organization has the resources, vision and power base to help tell the story of agriculture and to repel those forces that seek to destroy parts of our industry.”

Dick Neel
Southwest District, McCook

“I enjoy what I do because just like all our members, I want to make a difference. I am a personal representative for our members and am here to be a resource in any way I can. The best part of my job is developing friendships across the state. I love using my personal experiences to help others. I believe in the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation and, for that reason, it is easy to spread the good news about our organization and to talk about all the great opportunities there are on the state and local level. In my opinion, Nebraska Farm Bureau is the best organization in the state because we have the best people involved in our organization.”

Adam Peterson
Central District, Osceola

“I am part of the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation because I want to be part of something greater than myself, than my community, than my state – I want to support and advocate for an organization that is the voice of agriculture – embracing the basic sentiment that feeds our neighbors. I am proud to support farmers, ranchers and every person touched by agriculture because it means being part of something great!”

Justine Petsch
Southeast District, Milford

“I like to help answer questions and be a resource. For example, the other day, a lady was interested in learning more about how to be a member. It sounds simple, but it makes me feel so good that I was able to help her connect with our organization. It’s a pleasure talking to members and helping them connect with us in a variety of ways.”

Kim Wiseman
Membership Services Assistant

“The best part of my role at Nebraska Farm Bureau is assisting our members and interacting with them on a daily basis. One of the resources I enjoy telling them more about are the amazing member benefit offerings we have to share! Just the other day one of the Farm Bureau insurance agents had used our Choice Hotels member benefit in Kansas City and got a substantial discount! They were thrilled and called to let us know how well the benefit worked. There are so many ways we help our members through policy making, programs, member benefits and overall being the trusted voice for farmers and ranchers.”

Shelley Kurtzer
Associate Director/Membership Services
Coordinator of Member Benefits and Membership Records


“I enjoy helping people and that is definitely the overall goal of the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation. My goal each day is to help members. Whether it’s with successful farming/ranching, navigating local/national government, disaster clean-up or stocking local food banks, making our neighbors’ lives better is the goal of the organization. Being a part of that mission makes me extremely happy."

Lisa Klutz
Membership Administrative Assistant

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