Farm Bureau Identifies 2014 State Legislative Priorities

1/2/2014 2:21:00 PM

The Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation board of directors has identified the 2014 state legislative priorities for the organization. To be considered a priority issue it  must meet criteria ensuring the issue has statewide impact, is of significant interest to County Farm Bureaus and is meaningful to individual Farm Bureau members in the sense it impacts a farmer’s or rancher’s ability to operate their farm or ranch or affects their ability to be profitable.

The 2014 Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation state legislative priorities are:
  1. Create a better tax climate for farmers and ranchers by seeking reductions to agriculture’s property tax burden, maintaining sales tax exemptions critical to agriculture, seeking repeal of the sales tax on agricultural equipment repair parts and seeking other tax relief consistent with Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation policy.
  2. Protect agriculture’s interests in water use, water management, compliance with interstate compacts and seek broad-based funding to address the state’s water challenges.
  3. Work to create a better climate in Nebraska for growing livestock production.
  4. Work to reform state aid to K-12 schools to more equitably distribute the burden of financing education and assure any increased state aid goes to reducing property tax burdens in rural schools.
  5. Work to assure assessed values for agricultural land better reflect the land’s agricultural use value.
  6. Protect the rights of farmers and ranchers to use farming and animal care practices based on sound science to operate their farms and ranches in an efficient and profitable manner.
  7. Assure regulations on farms and ranches are reasonable, based on scientific evidence and do not unduly burden or financially harm farmers and ranchers.

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