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4/3/2014 3:20:45 PM

EPA Looks to Control Land Use
Last week EPA released a proposed rule that would vastly expand their authority over farm and ranch operations. Their proposal has far reaching implications that would allow them to tell you what you can and can't do on your land!

In short, EPA has moved ahead with a proposal that Congress and the Supreme Court have determined goes well beyond the agency's authority. This rule would give them the ability to claim federal authority over land where water pools or flows only during precipitation events (i.e. areas that are not wetlands or do not normally flow unless it is raining/snow melt).

The rule has serious consequences as this authority would give EPA the power to require you to have a permit for things like applying fertilizer or chemicals, but more frightening, the ability to deny a permit for you to do these things on your land.

This rule is clearly about EPA controlling land use and taking away private property rights!

Photos Needed!
Farm Bureau is actively working with members of Congress and raising concerns with the Administration in an effort to defeat this ludicrous, but very real threat to your operation. To help us show how far reaching this proposal really goes, we are asking you to submit photos to us of the following:

1. Photos of low lying areas of fields and pastures where water collects.
2. Photos of drainage ways, ditches, creeks, that only flow with water during rainfall events.
3. Photos of snow melt in low lying areas.
4. Photos of irrigation ditches and reuse pits.

Please send photos of the first three items as they appear before, during and after a precipitation event which will allow us to demonstrate the limited time in which water collects in these areas.

Pictures from a camera or cell phone would be fine.

These photos will be used in a campaign Nebraska Farm Bureau will engage in to stop this rule!

Photos can be sent to Craig Head:
Text: 402-432-4723
Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation
Attn: Craig Head
P.O. Box 80299
Lincoln, NE 68501

We greatly appreciate your help as we anticipate precipitation events across the state over the next couple of days.

Thank You,
Steve Nelson
Nebraska Farm Bureau President

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