Nebraska Farm Bureau Offers Endless Opportunities for FFA Members

4/16/2014 9:57:19 AM

Nebraska Farm Bureau was excited to be part of the Nebraska FFA Convention April 9-11 as thousands of young people, those from the farm and those from the city, proudly wore their blue jackets and descended on Lincoln. It was a great opportunity to introduce these students to Nebraska Farm Bureau.

Michael Liermann
17-year-old from Wisner
Wisner Pilger FFA

Q. Tell me about yourself?
I attend Wisner-Pilger High School. I don’t live on a farm and I hope to get into engineering in college. I am one generation removed from the farm but have worked on my grandfather’s farm. I feel that it is my duty as a young person to have a voice and Nebraska Farm Bureau gives young people that voice through their youth membership.

Q. Why did you become a youth member of Nebraska Farm Bureau?
Nebraska Farm Bureau can give me a greater understanding of the legislative process. As a student I am learning bits and pieces of how government works. My generation needs to understand government better and Nebraska Farm Bureau can help with that understanding. It will also give me tools to get more involved and help reach out to those who question their food source.

Brianna Sander
16-year-old from Waverly
Waverly FFA

Q. Tell me about yourself?
I am a junior at Waverly High School and am looking at majoring in nursing or agriculture education. I am a generation removed from the farm and while I have horses on our acreage near Waverly, I like to help my grandparents with their cattle, bottle feeding calves, herding cattle using horses and driving tractors on their farm near Valparaiso. The best part of going to the farm is eating my grandmother’s homemade waffles!

Q. Why did you become a youth member of Nebraska Farm Bureau?
I want to be an advocate for agriculture. I want to show people how their food is raised and show them that farmers and ranchers care about their animals and the land they have. Farm Bureau can help students like me tell our food story.

Hannah and Heidi Borg
17-year-old and 15-year-old from Allen
Allen FFA

Q. Tell me about yourselves?
A. Hannah:
We attend the Wakefield Community School. We are growing up on the Borg family farm, which is 130 years old this year. I am the oldest of 10 cousins in a large family that has a strong faith in Jesus. Which is important to have when you farm because you have to trust that God will get you through the hard times. I cherish all of the memories that I have on the farm. My mom and dad are both active on our farm and I help out where I can. Last summer I got hired to help build grain bins with my uncles just like my grandpa use to do. It means a lot to be a part of a family business.
A. Heidi: I love living on the farm, there is no way I will marry a city boy. I enjoy most everything about living on the farm, but I especially love working with family on the farm. In the summertime, I really like helping my grandma prepare the noon meal – sometimes there are only five people and the next day there are 15 people, but we always have a good hot meal.

Q. Why did you become a youth member of Nebraska Farm Bureau?
A. Hannah:
I joined Farm Bureau because they are the voice of farmers and ranchers. We need to be a united voice in agriculture since there are fewer of us in production ag. The agriculture community has a hard time communicating their story and Farm Bureau helps their members to have a voice. They also talk to senators and promote agriculture interests in the Legislature. I don‘t know much about how government works, but Farm Bureau is there to watch out for farmers and ranchers. I will go into an agriculture field, I’m just not sure what yet, but I know Farm Bureau has scholarships and they continue to support FFA.
A. Heidi: I know how important Farm Bureau is to my parents, plus I’ve helped with a few campaigns in our area and would like to learn more about the legislative process and I’m sure there will be other fun opportunities to get involved with.

To engage FFA students to join Nebraska Farm Bureau as a youth member, staff designed a scavenger hunt to encourage students to find clues, take a selfie with the clue and post the photos to Nebraska Farm Bureau’s Twitter or Facebook accounts using a specific hashtag. The winner received a $250 gift card. Three students who joined Nebraska Farm Bureau as youth members were selected to also receive one of three $250 gift cards. On stage to congratulate the winners April 11 was emcee Lukas Fricke, youth member from Butler County Farm Bureau (left); Victoria Talcott; Michael Liermann;  Danea Buschkoetter; Brianna Sander; and emcee Morgan Zumpfe, youth member of Saline County Farm Bureau.

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