Crop Scouts - Conditions Across Nebraska

4/22/2014 8:43:31 AM

Travis Anderson, Dawes County

Up until late morning on April 14 the ground was white with snow. Moisture levels right now are good. Some farmers have started preparing the ground to get ready to plant, but no planting yet. Typically you won’t see forage crops going in until mid to late April once the ground warms up. Pastures are greening up and they look good now, but we are anxious about how much rain we will see in the next several months.

North Central
Will Williams, Brown County

Starting the week of April 14 we hit a cold spell and saw temperatures drop from the 70’s down to 20 degrees with strong winds. So far no planting has been done in my area. Pastures should be okay as we get started, but the wind will dry things out quickly and the up and down temperatures is wasting moisture as it freezes the grass and we have to start all over again. I think farmers may start getting back into the fields by April 17.

Greg Villwok, Wayne County

Ground temperature right now is at 36 degrees and we have two inches of snow starting the week of April 14. Subsoil moisture is lacking, so we will need timely rains to get a crop started once we plant. We are ready to go into the field, but until that frost comes out of the ground we won’t put seed into the ground. I hope we can start planting by April 17, but with Nebraska weather we never know.

John Dvoracek, Howard County

No one has started planting yet. As of April 14 we have about five to six inches of snow on the ground. Subsoil right now looks really good in our area. In October we had about 10-12 inches of rain right before harvest started, which has helped. It seems like everyone is ready to get into the fields, but planting won’t start until temperatures stay consistently in the 50’s. Right now pastures are very dry because of the lack of rain and the cold weather.

Chris Miller, Lincoln County

We need warm weather. Right now we have about two inches of snow in North Platte starting out the week of April 14 and on April 12 it was 80 degrees. The last time I checked soil temperature it was at 42 degrees and we need it at 46 degrees and staying there for at least a week for us to start planting. We have everything ready to go and waiting for the soil temperature to rise. Once we get that crop in the ground it would be great to see more rain. While the subsoil moisture is still low, it is better than I expected. Right now we are at Mother Nature’s mercy.

South Central
Lance Atwater, Adams County

While some farmers have started planting a very small portion of next year’s crop, most are waiting for better conditions which looks to be after Easter. Ideally we want the ground temperature to be 50 degrees or above. Subsoil moisture is still lacking and we are very dry. We are concerned about pastures and the first cutting of alfalfa. Down here south of Hastings we seem to be missing the rains and we need them badly.

Nathan Bartels, Johnson County

Farmers are itching to get out and plant this year. Right now I haven’t seen any planting going on in our area. Starting the week of April 14 we have had 10-15 hundredths of an inch of rain and snow mix and it just settled the dust. Right now it is very dry and the entire month of March we barely had any precipitation until April 13-14.

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