Leading With Heart

5/12/2014 10:13:57 AM

Why are you so passionate about agriculture?
“The first thing that comes to mind is my family, everything I do is for my wife and kids. I also think that my passion is in my blood. My family’s passion started with my great-great granddad who homesteaded in Brown county, where my grandparents still ranch. My wife and I had the opportunity to lease this ranch and then to purchase it. I also want my children to be able to continue in agriculture.”

“We need to tell the story that promotes why we do what we do. I want to be able to give any person that is interested in agriculture the opportunity to learn and engage in this industry.”

How has the Leadership Academy expanded your view of agriculture?
“The Leadership Academy has made me really think outside the box and that anything is possible. I now have the desire to try and write a children’s book that will tell the real story of agriculture. I want to tell about the people that feed the world and who work night and day to make sure their animals have food and shelter, many times putting their animals ahead of themselves.”

“It has been a wonderful journey so far. So many thoughts and ideas have been in the back of my mind and the Leadership Academy has brought them to the surface. We are also so lucky to have such wonderful people that are passionate about agriculture to lead and guide us.”

What is your County Farm Bureau dream?
“I would like to hold an annual barbecue and family ag day. It would be a picnic where the parents can learn about the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation and the kids can have an ag in the classroom type experience.”

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