Nebraska Farm Bureau Endorses Ben Sasse for the U.S. Senate

4/30/2014 10:43:53 AM

CONTACT: Steve Nelson, Nebraska Farm Bureau president, 402-499-9485
Mark McHargue, NFBF-PAC chairman, 308-940-1115  

Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation - PAC Endorses Ben Sasse in U.S. Senate Primary 

LINCOLN, NEB. – Ben Sasse has received the official “Friend of Agriculture” endorsement by NFBF-PAC, Nebraska Farm Bureau’s political action committee. Sasse is one of four Republican candidates seeking to win the U.S. Senate primary election May 13. 

 “We are extremely excited to provide our support and backing to Ben Sasse in the primary election. Ben was the overwhelming choice of our county Farm Bureau’s as we worked through our grassroots endorsement process,” said Steve Nelson, Nebraska Farm Bureau president. 

“Sasse has built a strong grassroots network of support across Nebraska which comes from meeting and listening to the concerns of real Nebraskans. He’s demonstrated to our membership that he is committed to being a strong voice for Nebraska’s farm and ranch families and will carry that voice to Washington D.C., not only through his words, but in his actions,” said Nelson.  

According to Nelson, Sasse has demonstrated a strong grasp of the key issues effecting farmers and ranchers and is committed to protecting the long-term viability of American agriculture.  

“Whether it’s the flood of federal regulations, other government intrusions into farm life, or protecting agriculture from those who don’t value and understand its complexity, we believe Sasse will be a force for farm and ranch families,” said Nelson. 

“He understands farmer’s and rancher’s management and marketing decisions are best driven by the free market, but he also knows crop insurance and farm programs are necessary to protect farmers and ranchers from the volatility and risk inherent in agriculture from the weather and global markets,” said Nelson.  

The decision to endorse a Republican candidate in the primary was not taken lightly, Nelson said, and Nebraska Farm Bureau is fully aware of the competitive nature of this primary race. 

“However, our process for making endorsements is a grassroots process that is solely determined by the input from County Farm Bureaus. In this case there was overwhelming consensus from County Farm Bureaus to support Ben Sasse,” Nelson said.  

In making the announcement, Nelson shared Farm Bureau’s perspective on what separates Sasse apart from others in the field including: 

Sasse’s passion and abilities to get America’s fiscal house in order.

“Sasse not only has both the passion and the commitment to slow out of control federal spending and government growth, but he has the skills and abilities to turn things around in Washington, D.C. He’s made a career fixing broken institutions. That clearly describes the situation in Washington D.C. and the future prosperity of Nebraska farm and ranch families is heavily dependent on Congress’ ability to get our country’s fiscal situation under control,” said Nelson. 

Sasse’s proven ability to listen to the needs of agriculture and rural Nebraska.

“Sasse’s workman like grassroots campaign has shown that he genuinely cares about what farmers, ranchers and rural communities have to say and we are confident he’ll do the same in Washington D.C.  Nebraskans will have his ear,” said Nelson

Sasse’s knowledge and expertise in repealing Obamacare and making reforms to health insurance markets.

“Nebraska farmers and ranchers are on the front lines of dealing with the ramifications of health care reform because many are self-employed and hold individual health insurance policies. Those people have felt the brunt of the costs and uncertainties of the Affordable Care Act. We believe Ben Sasse can make the difference in the health care arena,” said Nelson.  

Sasse’s ability to effectively represent agriculture in Washington, D.C.

“Farmers and ranchers represent less than two percent of the population and agriculture needs someone in Washington who has the energy, connections and leadership abilities that are needed to expand our voice.  Sasse is not a Washington insider. He’s a Nebraskan with Washington experience. We believe he’ll hit the ground running and truly effect change that will benefit farm and ranch families and all Nebraskans,” said Nelson.  

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