Meet a Farmer: Zach and Anna Hunnicutt

2/20/2013 8:33:49 AM

When was the last time you went to a movie theater and enjoyed popcorn during the show? Did you know that you may have eaten popcorn that was raised right here in Nebraska by Hamilton County Farm Bureau members Zach and Anna Hunnicutt? That’s right – the Hunnicutt farm is home to corn, soybeans AND popcorn, and Nebraska can “hang its hat on” knowing that the state ranks first in acres of popcorn planted and total popcorn production with Indiana as a close second (which is a little-known agricultural fact about Nebraska).

The Hunnicutts farm in partnership with Zach’s father and brother just outside of Aurora, Neb., and his parents are part owners of Preferred Popcorn in Chapman. The two met at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, were married and then lived in Kansas City for a few short years. Zach’s father has a rule: if the kids are going to come back to the farm, they first have to live away from the farm for at least two years to be certain that farming is what they ultimately want to do. And that’s just where Zach and Anna ended up.

The Hunnicutts have two children, Everett, 4 and Adeline, 2. Anna says that by participating and being active in Nebraska Farm Bureau, they’re helping to influence the future of agriculture in Nebraska not only for themselves, but for their children. She says being directly involved in the process is rewarding.

 What is Zach’s message to consumers? That you’re not just a consumer – you’re involved with agriculture whether you know it or not. Zach echoes Wendell Berry when he said, “Eating is an agricultural act”. He urges consumers to ask a farmer about what they do and encourages fellow farmers to complete that dialogue by being open with consumers about their farming practices.

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