Meet a Farmer: Tim and Stephanie Hruby

2/20/2013 8:34:24 AM

Dawes County Farm Bureau members Tim and Stephanie Hruby run a ranching operation out west near Marshland, Neb. Both Tim and Stephanie were raised on ranches, so the lifestyle was a natural fit for the couple. In addition to her time spent helping on the farm, Stephanie also teaches at a rural attendance center in the Sioux County School district.

The Hruby Ranch strives to produce quality, high yielding cattle. Crossbreeding is a focus of the ranch’s operation due to increased growth and quality of cattle produced. Crossbreeding also allows for the best attributes of each breed involved being present in the offspring, generating a higher quality product. Most of the crossbreeding efforts surround crosses between Angus and Hereford cattle.

Tim and Stephanie have two small children Sophie, 3, and Tyan, 18 months. Tim notes that it is enjoyable to raise the children in a ranching environment where they can be present and involved in the daily operations of the ranch.

 The Hruby family is also involved in the Nebraska Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Rancher Committee. The organization works hard to protect the interests of Nebraska’s farm and ranch families as well as fostering a positive relationship between Nebraska’s elected representatives and the agricultural industry.

Tim says he is optimistic as he looks to the future of agriculture in Nebraska and the opportunities for young people.

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