Meet a Farmer: Randy Brehm

2/27/2013 9:45:29 AM

For Otoe County Farm Bureau member Randy Brehm, agriculture has always been an important part of his life. Growing up on the family farm near Unadilla, Neb., provided valuable experiences which eventually inspired Randy to pursue a career in agriculture. Randy attended the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture at Curtis and received an associate’s degree in Agriculture Production Systems. After graduation, Randy returned home to begin farming full-time with his father.

The operation consists of row crops such as corn and soybeans, commercial hay, custom fed hogs and a small cow/calf operation. The commercial hay business is a unique aspect of the farming operation that has fit well into the current agricultural economic scene. Continued droughts throughout the south and a shortage of feed for cattle in general have ensured constant demand for high-quality hay products. A challenge within the business includes striving to produce the highest quality hay product possible while battling with uncertain weather patterns.

Randy believes that the future for young people in agriculture is bright. Strong markets paired with high demand for farm products makes agriculture profitable. Along with strong opportunities present, Randy also noted that the high price of equipment and land are definite challenges as young producers work to establish themselves into farming. Opportunities and challenges aside, Randy truly enjoys being a part of agriculture. It offers a lifestyle that allows individuals to control their own success and sense of independence.

Randy is an active member of the Otoe County Farm Bureau and was recently elected President. He also enjoys attending the Nebraska Young Farmer & Rancher Conventions held annually. Randy enjoys being involved in Farm Bureau activities because of the strong opportunities for networking with others involved in agriculture throughout the state and nation, as well as the interests of farmers and ranchers that the organization seeks to protect.

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