Meet a Farmer: Chris and Sherry Vinton

5/1/2013 3:22:25 PM

For the Vinton family, home is on the ranch nestled in the heart of the Nebraska Sandhills near Whitman located in Grant County. The operation is truly a family affair, managed primarily by Chris and Sherry Vinton and their children. Sherry and Chris are active Arthur County Farm Bureau members at the local and state levels, and Sherry is Nebraska Farm Bureau At-Large director.

Sherry was raised in North Platte where her family owned an agricultural implement dealership. During her years at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Sherry met her husband Chris of Whitman. In 1983, the couple returned to the Vinton family ranch which they have owned and operated since. The ranch consists of a large Angus cow/calf herd as well as some acres devoted to alfalfa and other forages.

Sherry manages the business end of the ranch’s operation while Chris concentrates on production aspects of ranching. The Vinton family also takes pride in quality range management practices such as rotationally grazing their rangeland acres which in turn improves forage quality and provides habitat for wildlife.

As beef producers, quality products and management practices are vital to building relationships with customers. The Vinton family ranch strives to produce beef that is of highest quality, raised in the best conditions, and desirable to consumers globally. Sherry says farmers are ‘everyday miracles’. 

Chris and Sherry Vinton have three children — Jessica Taylor, 29, and husband Clint of Whitman, David Vinton, 25, and wife Michele also of Whitman, and Becky, 21.

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