Meet a Farmer: Jason and Kathy Kvols

6/5/2013 10:42:40 AM

Nebraska Farm Bureau District 3 Director and Cedar County Farm Bureau member Jason Kvols has been a lot of places, seen a lot of faces and finally come back home.

He grew up on a diversified corn, soybean, cattle and hog farm in Laurel and spent his youth active in 4-H and the Cutting Horse Association of Nebraska. He attended one year at Wayne State College and then graduated from Crown College in Minnesota with a business degree, after which he spent 10 months in Oklahoma working on a horse ranch. It was during his time in Oklahoma when he met Dawson McAllister, youth speaker and author, and listening and following the call to ministry, Jason moved to Tennessee in 1997 to become a research assistant for Dawson.

Since all roads lead to … well, home, we’ll finish out the story for you. He met his wife, Kathy, at a youth group gathering at the church Dawson attended; the couple was married in 2000, and they moved back to Nebraska.

Despite growing up discouraged to go back to the farm because of the hardships his father endured during the 80s, he decided to work for another farmer for three yearsand then in 2003, started farming on his own. He is a row-crop farmer raising corn and soybeans and says his operation can be considered unique to some as they utilize no-till practices to preserve and protect the land. Listen more here.

The couple has five children:  Chase – 15, Dylan – 11, Hannah – 9, Emma – 20 months and Jenna – 4 months. Chase attends Nebraska Christian and Kathy is a fulltime stay-at-home-mom as the other four children are home-schooled. Jason also believes it to be very important for farmers and ranchers to be involved – he has testified before the Senate Ag Committee in support for beginning farmer tax credits and truly believes that your voice can be heard and can have an impact on the future of farming.

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