Statement by Steve Nelson, President, Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation, On U.S. Senate Passage of Farm Bill

6/11/2013 9:05:19 AM

“The Senate’s passage of a new five-year farm bill is welcomed news to Nebraska farm and ranch families. Throughout this process Farm Bureau has sought to move U.S. farm policy in a direction that eliminates direct payments and instead uses crop insurance and revenue loss protection as the foundation of a safety net for farmers and ranchers. The Senate’s version of a farm bill is a step in that direction.”  

“We are also pleased by the Senate’s decision to include reauthorization and mandatory funding for livestock disaster programs that provide assistance to Nebraska livestock producers who have felt the greatest pressures from the ongoing drought conditions that continue to grip much of central and western Nebraska.”  

“Moreover, the Senate’s decision to forego the inclusion of a “one size fits all” standard for the housing and treatment of egg-laying hens advocated for by extremists groups is a win for livestock producers in Nebraska and across the country.”   “In terms of cost, we continue to believe a new farm bill must work for both farmers and the American taxpayers. The Senate farm bill will reduce the overall costs of farm programs over the next 10 years which is important in light of federal budget issues.”  

“With passage in the Senate, it is our hope the U.S. House of Representatives will follow with swift action on their version of the farm bill so Congress can collectively move forward in providing certainty to farm and ranch families on the future of U.S. farm policy.”  

“We thank Sen. Mike Johanns and Sen. Deb Fischer for their efforts to make the farm bill better and for their vote and hard work in getting the bill across the finish line.”  


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