Crop and Garden Scouts - Conditions Across Nebraska

6/19/2013 8:00:00 AM



Tuffy Snook, Dawes County
Most of the corn and oats are planted in our area. A lot of the winter wheat had to be replanted to oats this spring because it was so dry it never came up last fall. Subsoil moisture is still very bad. We have had spotty showers, and we have only received a half inch of rain at a time. We are cutting alfalfa right now, but it is really not all that good. We are seeing a lot of bugs in the alfalfa. We are expecting hot weather over the next several weeks and this puts us on edge a bit, because what little moisture we’ve had will be gone in a hurry. Pastures are green, but not great. We just need more rain.

North Central

Ross Garwood, Holt County
Planting is behind schedule, and there is some replanting going on from the rain. Subsoil moisture is good right now, but the profile all the way down is still dry. We need more rain in a slower gentler form. Most of the cattle are feeding on grass. Our pastures are behind in growth, but the rain we have had has kept them green and growing. We need more rain to continue greening up those pastures, but some pastures still look pretty tough from last year’s drought.


Debbie Borg, Dixon County

We are all done planting and have been for over two weeks. The recent rains did cause some delay of planting in our area, but the lack of sunshine has further delayed the crops.  While we are very grateful for the rain, we now need more sun and heat to get the crop going. Pastures look fabulous and our moisture is good. We are very encouraged by the moisture we have received the last six weeks, especially since just three months ago it was very dry. Cows in our area were moved to pasture last week and things look very good.


John Shiers, Buffalo County

Planting is done! We have had good rain, and we are expected to see some warmer temperatures. The plants are really starting to grow. Sub-soil moisture is in good shape. We need more moisture to help with soil moisture reserves, but overall things are looking better. The Holdrege area and anything south of the interstate seems dryer than land north of interstate. Buffalo County seems to be in good shape. Pastures are still hanging on, but there is not a lot of growth yet.


Kent Lorens, Hitchcock County

Planting in our area is completed. We are probably 75 percent of normal in subsoil moisture. As you get south of Stratton 30 miles it gets really bad. Cattle are all on grass right now, which is 15 to 30 days later than normal. Pastures are maybe at 60 to 75 percent of what they should be. Sub-soil moisture in pastures is very poor. While they look very green from recent rains, the hot weather that is expected over the next few weeks will cause pastures to deteriorate really fast. We definitely need more rain.

South Central

Mark Haskins, Hall County

Here in Hall County we are all done planting,. It was late, but we are done. Right now things look really good. After planting we received really good soaking rains over 2 inches over most of south central Nebraska that has helped a lot of the crops get started. But soil moisture reserves are still down. Pastures are looking better than last year, but the subsoil moisture is still pretty dry. The rains helped the grass grow a bit, but we need more rain!


Paul Weinert, Richardson County

Farmers in this area are still planting soybeans. Recent rains have slowed planting and replanting significantly. We just have had a lot of moisture in our subsoil and beyond. We are completely turned around from what it was like last year and over the last two months. Pastures are very good. The problem with the first cutting of alfalfa is that we need dry weather to be able to cut it. But pastures are abundant and it looks better than we have had in a year or two.



Donna Johnson, Kimball County
The gardens are growing, but are showing the affects of a late spring. Some were hailed out and had to be replanted. We are dry, still drought conditions. Farther east of us they did receive rain. We are watering particularly now that the weather is so hot. The major concerns are the late season and water.


Lou Kresha, Polk County
It has been so cold and wet that gardens are just getting in. Things that have been planted early look good, but we need some warm weather. We have had good moisture so far, but we need some good heat to get our plants growing. No concerns with bugs yet. We may see that later in the garden year as the temperatures heat up.


Denise Lang, Saunders County

Gardens are in late this year. While they had a slow start, moisture levels are very good. We have had a lot of good rain over the past two weeks. It makes the grass grow pretty fast too, so we have used grass clippings as a bedding in between the rows. We have had some concerns with rabbits, but as we get hotter and dryer we will start to see bugs.

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