Place a Phone Call

7/16/2013 3:24:22 PM


When you need to get in touch with your lawmaker immediately, and don't have time to craft a letter or other written message, that's when it's time to use the most common method of communicating with your lawmakers – make a telephone call! Your call will likely last less than a minute, and chances are you won't speak directly to the lawmaker – but your call is important, carries weight and can achieve results.

Identify Yourself as a Constituent

Lawmakers are most concerned and interested in the thoughts and opinions of their constituents. So, be sure to identify yourself as a constituent. "My name is John Doe, and I live in Gotham ..."

Be Brief and Clear

Always limit your telephone call to one subject. Be brief and be specific. Let the office know why you're calling, giving a bill number if possible, the action you would like the lawmaker to take on the issue, and ask where your lawmaker stands on the issue. "My name is John Doe, and I live in Gotham. I'm calling about bill number 123, a proposal to increase nutrition of food. Proper nutrition is important to long term health for all Americans. I'd like to see Representative Brown support bill 123. Can you tell me where she stands?"

Be Courteous and Ask for a Response

Regardless of where your lawmaker or policymaker stands on an issue, never threaten or use abusive language. If the lawmaker does not support your bill, kindly let him or her know you're disappointed. If the office does not know officially where a lawmaker stands on a specific issue, be sure to ask for a written response after they have had a chance to review it more closely. "I'm very sorry to hear that Representative Brown does not support bill 123. We need to expand cancer screening because early detection saves lives. Thanks for your time."

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