Meet a Farmer: Larry and LaDene Rutt

7/24/2013 11:09:27 AM

Deuel County Farm Bureau member LaDene Rutt was born and raised seven miles from where she lives now. Her dad was a farmer and an innovator which she says has served her well and led her to her willingness to try new things, including no-till farming practices before many others around her area did.

The Rutts grow several cover crops including field peas, which are planted in March, and fields with a mix of cover crops including oats, leftover pea seed, turnip seed, radishes and fetch mixed all together. This cover crop field is used for cattle forage or desiccated at the end of the season to plant wheat on next year. The farm also has fields of sunflowers.

The field peas typically begin putting on pods the end of May and by the first week in June are an inch and a half long and absolutely delicious. When they mature and dry out, they are sold as split-peas; they are marketed in Holyoke for home cooks to make split-pea soup. Click here to learn more about field peas >>

LaDene is a doer of all things: she drives the tractor and the truck at harvest time, cooks meals and when a daughter-in-law isn’t around, does all of those things at once. In the evenings, she and Larry like to take in the sunset to the music of pheasants in the nearby CRP.

LaDene’s commitment to agriculture spans the years and she carries the distinction of being the only woman who has attended every Women in Agriculture conference for the past 28 years.

Larry and LaDene have been married for 38 years, are active in their rural country church, and have six children:  Jay, Robin, Larry Dean, Lonnie, Alan and Larry Ed.

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