Meet a Farmer: Rebecca and Dallas Graham

9/11/2013 8:00:00 AM

Even for some native Nebraskans, there are some small towns they’ve never heard of, and Belden — population 115 — may just be one of those. But for Cedar County Farm Bureau members Rebecca and Dallas Graham, that’s where the postman delivers their mail and where they call home. Becky grew up west of Coleridge on a dairy farm and Dallas grew up nearby, also on a dairy farm. They knew each other from 4-H involvement and as the years passed, that friendship blossomed into a marriage in 1975.

Because none of their family wanted to take over the dairy, and with aging facilities and no hired help, the Grahams sold the dairy five years ago to a neighbor who wanted to expand. The current farming operation consists of corn, beans, alfalfa, CRP acres and pasture ground where they run 100 Angus and Angus/Hereford cross cow/calf pairs.

Becky helps right alongside Dallas with on-farm duties but the couple’s real passion lies in educating today’s youth about the farm and where their food comes from. Through the years, they’ve hosted 2nd graders and Kindergarten classes on farm tours, and participated in the Nebraska Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom and Ag Pen Pal programs. Becky says our youth are the future decision and policymakers and their education about farming is vital to our economy and future for agriculture.

The couple has five children: Joshua, Jeffrey, Jonathan, Amanda and Matthew, and six grandchildren.

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