Legislature's Education Committee Hearings Next Week

9/26/2013 7:00:00 AM

Nebraska Farm Bureau is looking ahead to next week, when the Legislature's Education Committee will kick off a series of public hearings around the state to gather input on TEEOSA, the formula used to determine state aid to K-12 schools in Nebraska. The Committee is conducting this interim study as a result of LR 182, which directs the Committee to "examine alternatives for the financing and delivery of public early childhood, primary, and secondary education in Nebraska."

As many are aware, farmers and ranchers pay a disproportionate share of financing school district operations in this state through property taxes, 60 percent or more of which go toward financing schools in many rural counties. Additionally, 114 districts, many in rural counties, no longer receive any state aid whatsoever, further shifting the burden for providing public education onto agricultural property owners.

The Education Committee has expressed an interest in hearing from agricultural interests as part of its study, and Farm Bureau encourages interested members to attend one of the hearings listed below and to offer personal testimony.

The upcoming hearing schedule is as follows:
  • Oct 2: 10:00 am; Senior High School Auditorium; Hastings, NE
  • Oct 2: 7:00 pm; Junior High School Board Room; McCook, NE
  • Oct 3: 1:30 pm; Sandhills Public Schools Lecture Hall; Dunning, NE
  • Oct 7: 10:00 pm; Omaha Public Schools Administration Building; Omaha, NE
  • Oct 7: 4:00 pm; Crete High School Auditorium; Crete, NE
  • Oct 8: 1:30 pm; Umo'ho Nation Public School Band Room; Macy, NE

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