About Us

Established Values

We work for the families, food and future of Nebraska. Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation supports Nebraska farm and ranch families and works for the benefit of all Nebraskans through a wide variety of educational, service and advocacy efforts. Nebraska Farm Bureau exists and succeeds thanks to more than 56,000 member families from every corner of Nebraska.   

The strength of Farm Bureau is in its members. We are the only organization with a presence in all 93 Nebraska counties, giving us the ability to reach all Nebraskans, and our services, programs and benefits are developed based on the needs and concerns of members. While much has changed since farmers and ranchers originally founded Nebraska Farm Bureau in 1917, their vision of an organization committed to bettering people, their communities and their state based on Nebraska values of family, faith and hard work remains the same today.

Dedicated To Nebraska

We believe the most important things raised in Nebraska aren’t planted in the ground. Members of Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation are part of a growing organization designed to make a difference in people’s lives, particularly in the lives of our state’s most precious resource – our children.   

Farm Bureau members provide Nebraska schools with millions of dollars of support and back programs such as Agriculture in the Classroom that help youth understand how they are touched by agriculture in the form of food, fuel and fiber. We also invest in youth by offering scholarships and sponsoring leadership development programs like 4-H and FFA.  

More importantly, we all need to eat. That’s why we assist Nebraska families and children in need through donations to local food pantries.

Working With You

We bring people together to feed better opportunities. Nebraska Farm Bureau isn’t just working for farmers and ranchers; we’re working for Nebraska’s future. As a statewide grassroots organization, we are your neighbors. Through our work in supporting and promoting agriculture, education, health, technology and our utilities we bring people together to better Nebraska communities.  

More than that, we’re supporting Nebraska’s economy. By working with farmers and ranchers we help fuel Nebraska’s largest economic driver – agriculture. With agriculture and its related businesses accounting for one out of every four Nebraska jobs, it’s important agriculture thrives for future generations.  

For Your Benefit

We make your life more affordable. Nebraska Farm Bureau members receive many money saving benefits. The most popular benefit is through Farm Bureau Financial Services which includes insurance for health, home, auto and more. Our organization became involved with insurance because farmers, ranchers and rural Nebraskans could not find affordable coverage in the 1900s, and today we continue the commitment to helping our urban and rural members access quality, cost-effective coverage.  

Other member benefits include General Motors vehicles, eye and dental care, home and travel discounts as well as many more. Click here to see the full list of member benefits >>

We Are Nebraska

We are the Nebraska Farm Bureau.

Individually, each Nebraskan’s effort is important, but when we put our voices together – we can make amazing things happen for Nebraska. Nebraska Farm Bureau has been the collective voice for nearly a century and will continue our efforts into the next century.  

We will continue to support and speak out for Nebraska’s farmers, ranchers and families.  
We will continue to champion our youth and everything they offer Nebraska’s future.  
We will continue to support our communities and work to provide the resources they need.

We are the Nebraska Farm Bureau. 
We work for the families, food and future of Nebraska.   


5225 South 16th Street, Lincoln, NE 68512
P.O. Box 80299, Lincoln, NE 68501-0299
: (800) 742-4016 or (402) 421-4400
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