Ag Pen Pals

Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom’s Ag Pen Pal Program educates students about their food, fiber and fuel through creating a personal connection between a farmer or rancher and a classroom. The ultimate goal of the Ag Pen Pal Program is to increase agricultural literacy throughout the state. Farm and ranch pen pals are encouraged to write letters or emails as well as visit their classroom in person or via Skype. 

The only requirement of the program is that both classrooms and farm/ranch families write at least 3 letters during the school year.

Follow the appropriate links below to sign up as either a
farm/ranch family or as a classroom.

Classrooms – Helpful Hints

Farm/Ranch Families – Helpful Hints

  • Unfortunately it is not always possible to match a pen pal with a classroom that is within a drivable distance, so visiting your classroom via Skype is another option to make an impact with your students. To download Skype for an online and interactive meeting with your classroom, click here >>
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to say in your first letter of the school year, so to view a sample letter click here.
  • Commodity boards and associations can be an excellent source for free samples of seed or free resources to send to your classroom. For a list of commodity representatives click here.  
You do NOT need to be a Nebraska Farm Bureau member to be a pen pal.



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