Tax Reform

We Need Your Help!

The Nebraska Legislature back in session and is continuing discussion about state tax reform!  


The Nebraska Legislature formed a Tax Modernization Committee to study Nebraska’s tax system, in response to tax reform proposals introduced on behalf of the governor during the 2013 Legislative Session. The Committee examined Nebraska’s tax system and made recommendations for any changes. The Committee recently concluded a round of public hearings to gather citizen input. The Committee issued a report to the full Legislature in December 2013.

What Can You Do?


Farm Bureau members are encouraged to let senators know that property taxes are a growing burden for all Nebraskans and the Legislature should focus its efforts on means to provide property tax relief.

Nebraska Farm Bureau has developed a three-year plan to reduce property taxes, click here for more >>

Talking Points


  • Express your belief that any serious tax reform efforts in Nebraska must consider meaningful property tax relief 
  • Personalize your letter or email in support of property tax relief 
  • Share personal examples of the amount of property taxes that you pay, increases in these amounts in recent years
  • Express concern with the long-term affordability of the property taxes to your family’s finances  
  • Note some of the ways the Legislature can help reduce property taxes:
    - increasing the $115 million appropriated to the property tax credit program 
    - reducing levy limits and increasing state aid to schools 
    - removing personal property from the tax rolls
    - shifting educational services like community colleges and ESUs to state funding 

Click here to visit the Legislature’s Tax Modernization Committee webpage to directly email members of the Committee >>

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