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Statement by Mark McHargue, President, Regarding President Biden’s Action Plan for a More Fair, Competitive, Meat and Poultry Supply Chain

LINCOLN, NEB. – “Increasing our nation’s meat processing capacity has been a Nebraska Farm Bureau (NEFB) priority for the past several years, and we appreciate the Biden administration providing needed funding for those looking to enter this highly concentrated and competitive market and for those who are looking to become a federally inspected facility. We also appreciate the administration providing necessary funding to cover holiday and overtime costs for very small and small meat, poultry, and egg processing facilities who have seen demand skyrocket since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Combined, these actions will hopefully allow additional players to enter into the meat processing arena, provide expanded markets for livestock producers and more options for consumers. At the same time, NEFB will continue to monitor the marketing regulations also discussed in today’s announcement. While strengthening the ‘Product of the USA’ label and an endorsement of Sen. Deb Fischer’s efforts to provide more price discovery to the cattle marketplace are steps in the right direction, we continue to be concerned that other potential USDA regulations could be issued that would limit a livestock producer’s ability to enter into marketing contracts.”

“As the Biden administration moves forward with new regulations, they must ensure that existing laws are being followed while allowing the free-market system to work.”

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