Hauling Ag? Reminder of Change to Overweight Permit Exemption

As of November 13, 2020, farmers hauling seasonally harvested commodities can exceed the legal weight limit by up to 15 percent when hauling from stockpile or farm storage to market or factory without first having to obtain an overweight permit. The passage of the Farm Bureau initiated LB 931 during the 2020 Legislative Session builds on the previous seasonal harvest overweight permit exemption for farmers, effectively allowing the exemption to be utilized year-round in the transport of commodities from farm to market provided certain requirements are met. The exemption applies only to transport where the destination is within 70 miles of the point of origin. Haulers must have documented origin and destination information with them during transport. The exemption does not apply to trucks hauling over the federal Interstate system. The Nebraska Farm Bureau has updated its overweight harvest permit exemption form to reflect the changes and aid farmers in documenting origin and destination during transport.

Overweight Permit Exemption Form

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