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Memorandum of Understanding with John Deere Creates Workable Solution on Right to Repair for Farmers & Ranchers

SAN JUAN, PR. – Nebraska Farm Bureau (NEFB) is very pleased with the newly signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today between American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) and John Deere that will ensure farmers’ and ranchers’ right to repair their tractors and other implements. The landmark MOU is the culmination of several years of discussions with John Deere and a major step forward on Farm Bureau policy that was brought forward by Nebraska Farm Bureau.

“Farmers and ranchers need to have the ability to purchase what they need at a reasonable rate to get their equipment up and running or have the option of turning to an independent technician. This MOU creates an official agreement that clearly sets parameters and creates a mechanism to resolve issues as they arise,” said Mark McHargue, NEFB president.

Creating an MOU similar to ones utilized in the automobile industry, whereby vehicle owners and independent technicians can purchase information, diagnostic equipment, and parts needed for vehicle repairs from vehicle manufacturers has long been a goal of Nebraska Farm Bureau. Through this MOU, farmers, ranchers, and independent repair facilities will have access to diagnostic and repair codes and their meanings; manuals (operator, parts, service); product guides; directly purchase diagnostic tools from John Deere; and assistance from John Deere when ordering parts and products.

“Farmers don’t want access to the computer programming. They simply want to be able to diagnose and fix the problem so they can get their equipment back to the fields. By working with John Deere and American Farm Bureau, the need for legislative or regulatory action on the right to repair issue will be mitigated,” said McHargue.

Nebraska Farm Bureau will continue to work with AFBF and engage in similar discussions with several other manufacturers. We believe the MOU has the potential to serve as a model for other manufacturers and look forward to working with equipment dealers to help implement the MOU.

Read the Farm Bureau and John Deere MOU here.

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