Inside Profitability Series

Farm & Ranch Labor: The Help Wanted Sign is Posted

Moderator: Jay Rempe, senior economist, Nebraska farm Bureau


Joe Horner, Ryan Milhollin, and Alice Roach, University of Missouri Extension, authors of the Missouri Farm Labor Guide
Cheri Priest, Brown County Farm Bureau member and office manager at Rolling Stone Feed Yard

Finding skilled, reliable workers is increasingly difficult for Nebraska farm and ranch operators and agricultural businesses. Labor shortages and problems add delays, costs, and increased stress for operations. The lack of labor has led many farm or ranch operations to turn to foreign workers to help fill the gap.

Nebraska Farm Bureau’s Inside Profitability Series webinar on Jan. 18, 2022, at noon CDT focused on workforce issues in agriculture and rural Nebraska. The webinar will cover labor conditions in agriculture, highlight practices agricultural employers can use for hiring and managing employees, and touch on how the H-2A program has helped some rural employers.

Participants will:

  • Get to know what factors are affecting labor markets in rural Nebraska.
  • Learn about practices related to labor recruitment, hiring, on-boarding, training, retention, and termination.
  • Hear a Nebraska feedlot’s experience with using the H-2A program and foreign labor.
  • Receive a copy of the Missouri Farm Labor Guide with information on human resources management.

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