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Member Benefit Spotlights – Health

Take care of YOU in 2022! As a Nebraska Farm Bureau member, you can take advantage of the special discounts provided by Convenient Care Plus, Life Line Health Screening, Ameritas dental and vision plans, and BASE tax saving plans for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

Convenient Care Plus (CCP) offers access to high-quality healthcare through a nationwide network of healthcare providers and telehealth doctors. Receive unlimited access to a network of credentialed physicians who can diagnose most healthcare problems and prescribe medication by phone or video conferencing.

Some of the most common aliments treated by telehealth visits include strep throat, ear infections, respiratory infections, bronchitis, pink eye, sinus infections, insect bites, rashes, nausea and vomiting, even tobacco use disorders. The average waiting period from the time you first call in and speak with a nurse until the doctor’s call back is less than an hour. With Convenient Care Plus, access to affordable healthcare is only a phone call away.

Plans range from $7-$45/month for individuals and families. All plans include the cost of generic medications and some plans cover the cost of x-rays, laboratory services, and Urgent Care visits. Access to CCP telehealth care begins within 24 hours of enrollment.

Due to the cost of health benefits, it is critically important to have the very best benefits at the best value and that’s why it is important to understand the significant differences between Convenient Care Plus and other Telehealth benefits.

First, while other telehealth benefits offer limited doctor consultations or have fees associated with each doctor consultation, members enjoy unlimited access to a national team of telehealth doctors, 24/7/365 days a year, from anywhere, at no additional cost.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1 – A member calls into the 800 number to speak to a nurse, who then will coordinate a

doctor consultation at no charge.

Step 2 – Member speaks to a doctor.

Step 3 – Doctor evaluates symptoms and prescribes medication.

Step 4 – Members pick up prescription from pharmacy. In many cases, it is at no additional


A robust list of medications offered to our members, at no additional cost, is an exceptional value and certainly unique in the telehealth space.

For more information about CCP, covered medications, and participating Urgent Care Clinics in the CCP network, visit the Convenient Care Plus site at  

Life Line Screening provides mobile healthcare screenings for the early detection of heart attack, stroke, and other illnesses. Screenings are easy, accurate, convenient, and affordable. In little more than an hour you can receive a painless, non-invasive screening of risk factors for several life changing illnesses and other chronic diseases. Life Line Screening is staffed with healthcare professionals who use the latest technology to provide hospital-quality preventive screenings. Board certified physicians carefully review your results and share the information with you and your doctor for future health decisions. Farm Bureau members can sign up for Life Line’s Vascular Screening package for a discounted rate of $135 per person. A savings of $24 per member. For more information or to schedule an appointment in your area call (844) 591-7118 or visit

Ameritas offers flexible dental and vision plans with competitive coverage so you can select the one that best fits your needs. Dental and vision insurance are important. Annual dental and vision exams help to protect you and your family from serious medical conditions through early detection and preventative care. Nebraska Farm Bureau members have access to these fully insured dental and vision plans at discounted rates plus you can visit the provider of your choice. For more information or to enroll call (877) 817-4805 or visit

BASE® administers a variety of tax-advantaged plans designed to help small business owners offset the rising cost of healthcare benefits. If you are paying for health insurance premiums or out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for yourself and/or employees BASE® can help you qualify for additional tax savings. The most popular benefit is the Section 105 BASE® HRA saving clients an average of $6,000 annually. Whether you are a farmer/rancher, self-employed business owner, or a business with multiple employees, BASE® has a variety of tax-advantaged plans that can be customized to your business needs. Speak with a BASE® representative at (866) 550- 5525 or visit for more information.

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