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Statement by Steve Nelson, President, Regarding Sen. Briese Tax Relief Bill, LB 1084

LINCOLN, NEB. – “Today, in conjunction with other members of the Agriculture Leaders Working Group, the Nebraska Farm Bureau offered its support for LB 1084, legislation introduced by Sen. Tom Briese to generate new revenues to fund K-12 education, while also providing significant property tax relief.”

“As Nebraskans, quality education is important to all of us, yet we rely far too much on local property taxes to fund this state priority. LB 1084 provides a detailed plan on how the Legislature can move forward to address both. We thank Sen. Briese for bringing these ideas into the property tax discussion and for working with a diverse coalition of Nebraskans to do so.”

“Property tax reform should include relief for all property types: agriculture, residential, and commercial. Reform should include new revenues and fiscal restraints to reduce our property tax burdens. And, it should ensure adequate funding for high quality education for Nebraska students. LB 1084 does all of those.”

“The need for property tax relief is urgent. We cannot wait any longer and are willing to work with anyone and everyone when it comes to timely property tax relief. LB 1084 puts the ball in the Legislature’s court. Should our 49 senators and the governor fail to act, Nebraska’s property owners will be left with no other choice but to pursue relief through a ballot measure.”

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