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Statement by Steve Nelson, President, Regarding Sen. Fischer Bill to Address Air Emission Reporting for Farms, Ranches

LINCOLN, NEB. – “We applaud Sen. Fischer’s efforts to bring a common sense, legislative solution to address burdensome and unnecessary air emission reporting regulations on Nebraska’s farm and ranch families. Sen. Fischer’s introduction of the Fair Agricultural Reporting Method Act (FARM Act) would exempt farms and ranches from reporting routine air emissions from farm animals and their manure.”

“Both the Bush and Obama administrations supported a rule exempting farms from these reporting requirements, yet activist groups successfully blocked those rules and their corresponding exemptions through legal action last year. This regulation, known as the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), was founded in law and intended to address hazardous waste from Superfund sites, not air emissions from farm animals.”

“Without a fix to this regulatory problem, as many as 200,000 farms and ranches across America would be required to report their daily emissions, or face fines of up to $54,000 per day, as well as face the threat of activist lawsuits for failure to report. It is critical Congress acts to address this important issue. We thank Sen. Fischer for bringing much needed attention to the matter and for bringing forth legislation that provides a means for Congress to act.”

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