Economic Tidbits

Prices for Chicken Wings Clipped

Not only can Kansas City Chiefs fans celebrate winning the Super Bowl, they can also celebrate lower prices for chicken wings this year. According to the USDA Economic Research Service, the national average price for chicken wings is down $1.70 per pound since last year’s Super Bowl. Last year the national average retail price was $4.29 per pound. This year, wings are $2.62 per pound. Limited supplies, supply chain backlogs, and strong demand led to a historic runup in prices last year. In fact, rumors in Lincoln indicated a few restaurants could not serve chicken wings at times due to delivery delays. Since then, increased chicken production has boosted wing supplies pushing prices lower, something all football fans can celebrate. And with the upcoming NCAA basketball tournaments, college basketball fans can celebrate lower wing prices too.

Figure 4. Weekly Wholesale & Retail Chicken Wing Prices

Source: USDA, Economic Research Services using data from USDA, AMS.

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