Investment in Agrifood Technology Companies 2020
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Agrifood Technology Attracts Investment

Investment in agriculture and food technology startups continued apace according to AgFunder. AgFunder, a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley whose mission is to invest in technologies to transform food and agriculture systems, developed a list of the top 20 highest-funded agrifoodtech startups in 2020. Table 1 contains U.S. based companies on the list with the company’s ranking in terms of dollars raised and the amount raised. Many of the startups are familiar names (i.e. Impossible Foods, Farmer Business Network, DoorDash). Others on the list not so much. Collectively the startups represent a range of different spaces in agriculture technology from alternative proteins, biotechnology, grocery and food delivery, farm inputs, sensors, and networking.

Table 1. Investment in Agrifood Technology Companies, 2020

Investment in Agrifood Technology Companies 2020

Source: The 20 highest-funded agrifoodtech startups of 2020, Lauren Manning and Jack Ellis, AgFunderNews, December 30, 2020.

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