Inside Profitability Series

What’s a farmer and rancher to do about high input costs?

Moderator: Cassie Hoebelheinrich, communication coordinator, NEFB


Jessica Groskopf, UNL Extension Educator for Agricultural Economics
Glennis McClure, UNL Extension Educator for Farm and Ranch Management
Cory Walters, Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, UNL

Fertilizer prices have more than doubled since last year. Chemical, fuel, and labor costs are higher. Feed costs have surged. No doubt one of the bigger challenges this year for crop and livestock producers will be managing for the higher costs. The success of the farm and ranch operation this year could very well hinge on how well producers manage for the higher costs and volatility.

Nebraska Farm Bureau’s Inside Profitability series on Feb. 16, 2022, at noon CDT, will focus on managing the farm or ranch in a high-cost and volatile environment. The webinar will feature extension educators from the University of Nebraska with management tips and strategies for navigating the higher costs this year.

Participants will hear how to:

  • Recognize how higher costs are reflected in cost of production changes.
  • Identify key information important in making management decisions on cropping practices, input usage, and risk management.
  • Create strategies for managing higher input prices.
  • Link input costs to commodity prices at harvest to examine profit potential.

Listed below are links to additional materials on and resources on managing high input costs:

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