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Nebraska Farm Bureau Endorses Nebraska’s Federal Delegation

Sen. Deb Fischer

Sen. Pete Ricketts

Rep. Adrian Smith

Rep. Don Bacon

Rep. Mike Flood

U.S. Nebraska senators Deb Fischer and Pete Ricketts along with Congressmen Adrian Smith, Don Bacon and Mike Flood all earned the endorsement of the Nebraska Farm Bureau Policitcal Action Committee (NEFB-PAC) Saturday, Feb. 17. All five candidates are seeking reelection.  

Fischer received the endorsement based on her tireless work on several policy issues of high priority to Nebraska farm and ranch families, according to Nebraska Farm Bureau (NEFB) President Mark McHargue. 

“Sen. Fischer truly understands the needs of farmers and ranchers and has worked on several key issues of interest to our members. As a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Sen. Fischer gives Nebraska a top spot on the main committee focused on the many issues facing farm and ranch families. We are excited to provide our support as she seeks re-election,” said Mark McHargue, NEFB president. 

NEFB-PAC supported Sen. Pete Ricketts because of his strong support for growing markets for Nebraska’s agricultural products by expanding agricultural trade, working tirelessly to open new markets during his time as governor of Nebraska. He currently sits on the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee, which holds authority over the EPA. This role places Sen. Ricketts in a significant position to oppose onerous EPA regulations, such as Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule, new regulations on pesticides, and new climate regulations. Sen. Ricketts has also led the fight against the Biden administration’s 30×30 initiative and has consistently worked to lower the tax burden on Nebraska farm and ranch families. 

“Sen. Ricketts has demonstrated his support for agriculture time and time again, and we value his dedication to serving the farm and ranch families of Nebraska. We’re proud to endorse Sen. Ricketts and look forward to continued work with him the Senate,” said McHargue. 

Rep. Adrian Smith has given Nebraska’s farm and ranch families an influential voice in tax, trade, and health care issues, all important to our members, as a significant leader on the House Ways and Means Committee, especially now as Chairman of the Trade subcommittee. Nebraska Farm Bureau is happy to him provide our backing as he seeks re-election. 

“Rep. Smith played an instrumental role in pushing the Biden administration into action to help ensure Nebraska corn farmers were not harmed by an illegal ban on the importation of genetically modified corn into Mexico. Rep. Smith not only understands the importance of trade but has taken an active role in advancing trade agreements which have benefited farmers, ranchers, and businesses across the nation,” said McHargue 

Rep. Don Bacon is a member of the House Agriculture Committee and remains committed to advocating for the priorities of the NEFB. These priorities include safeguarding a robust crop insurance system and expanding global markets for agricultural products from Nebraska. He has also been a leader in helping develop the next Farm Bill. 

“Rep. Bacon has repeatedly shown his understanding of the significance of agriculture to our state’s economy. Despite representing a large mostly urban district, he has made consistent efforts to serve all his constituents as well as the farm and ranch families who live across Nebraska,” said McHargue.  

Rep. Mike Flood consistently spearheads the advocacy for “good governance” by actively urging the Biden administration to address agricultural and regulatory matters. Furthermore, he maintains his collaboration with NEFB and congressional leaders to ensure the successful passage of the next Farm Bill. He strongly supports increasing markets for Nebraska agricultural products throughout the world. Rep. Flood has also championed efforts to reduce unwarranted regulations on Nebraska farmers and ranchers that needlessly increase the costs of doing business, in addition to pushing back on regulations that would infringe on private property rights. 

“Throughout his career in both the Nebraska Legislature and now in Washington, Rep. Flood has been a strong advocate for Nebraska Farm Bureau priorities such as tax reform, working to expand rural broadband access, as well as growing opportunities for economic development in rural areas. We are proud to offer him our endorsement and support as he seeks to continue representing Nebraskans in Congress,” said McHargue. 

All of Nebraska’s Congressional representatives have earned the NEFB-PAC endorsement based on results of NEFB’s grassroots selection process, which involves gathering input from local farmers and ranchers who are member of local County Farm Bureaus from across the state. 

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