BBQ & Brews a Big Success

From bumping elbows with Governor Pillen to discussing upcoming legislative debated with Speaker of the Legislature John Arch, NEFB’s BBQ and Brews event gave members the opportunity to get to better know our state’s elected officials.

Despite the poor weather, farmers, ranchers, as well as senators, gathered at the NEFB home office in Lincoln Feb. 22 for a relaxed evening of food, fun, and conversation. Through events like this, Farm Bureau members can become more engaged in our advocacy process.

“It’s a great atmosphere to meet our elected leaders in. They’re relaxed. We’re relaxed and that’s what is a lot of fun about it. You get to visit with them and get to know them a little better. Farm Bureau has given me many opportunities to meet with different leaders and share my story,” said Matt Jedlicka, Colfax County Farm Bureau member and NEFB state board member.

Nebraska Farm Bureau provides several ways to engage in its advocacy process besides BBQ & Brews. Members can join our advocacy team by signing up for text alerts. Once a month, NEFB holds a 30-minute Advocacy Call where an update is provided along with discussion on the latest issues and policy actions that could impact farms and ranchers. The next call is March 8 at 12:30 p.m. (CT), just dial (402) 204-8272 to join.

“Interacting with our elected officials is really important for me because a lot of times we can get stuck in a rut on the farm and ranch and it can be really easy to forget that issues in the world will progress with or without our opinion. So, if we take time to meet with our senators and elected officials and let them know about the real life challenges we face and how important those issues are to us, we can make a difference,” said Katie Olson, Holt County Farm Bureau member and NEFB first vice president.

Learn about all the different ways you can engage with Nebraska Farm Bureau here.

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