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Livestock is “Yuuuuuge” in Nebraska

UNL agricultural economists’ analysis of the livestock production value in Nebraska and the corresponding direct economic impact found that livestock is a “yuuuuuge” part of Nebraska agriculture. Glennis McClure and Brad Lubben estimate the direct economic impact of livestock production in Nebraska at $8.5 billion, and the total economic impact is $13.8 billion. And the $13.8 billion might be on the light side. McClure and Lubben say the estimate is conservative because it does not include the economic impact and wage income of related sectors. 

McClure and Lubben note that 56 percent of all agricultural commodity sales in 2016 were attributable to livestock and livestock accounted for over 50 percent of commodity sales each year since 2012. In addition, 49 percent of all Nebraska farms and ranches are involved in some type of livestock enterprise. In terms of economic impact, Cuming County sees the most impact from livestock production equaling $1.1 billion, or eight percent of the total economic impact of livestock production to the state. Custer County ($651 million), Dawson County ($640 million), Lincoln County ($610 million) and Phelps ($559 million) round out the top five counties in the state. McClure and Lubben also found that in eight of Nebraska’s top ten counties in terms of agricultural sales, sales from livestock accounted for over 60 percent of sales. In Cuming County, 87 percent of the agricultural sales were comprised of livestock sales. For more information or to find the economic impact of livestock in your county, go to:

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