Earth Day


Start here and take a close look! There are a variety of events that could fit a wide audience. Feel free to modify or combine event ideas for what will work best in your county! Be sure to take photos and video of your Earth Day Celebrations. If you have questions on how to use any of these resources or to get your County Farm Bureau logo, please contact Tina Henderson at tinah@nefb.org or 402-421-4446.

Activity Ideas

Here is a list of activities to do within your community to celebrate Earth Day!

Letter to the Editor

Another way to get media coverage is to submit a letter to your local paper’s editor. We’ve started the letter for you, but be sure to customize to get local attention and add your event details.

Newspaper Ad

The ad can be used for local newspapers and is a black and white 3.79″ x 4″ ad. We will customize the ad for your county! Be sure to check with your papers on price, deadline and file types. Contact Jessica Falt at 402-421-4494 or jessicaf@nefb.org for your customized county ad.

News Release Template

Fill in your specifics to this template we have started for you. Feel free to modify and make it stand out to your local media.

Radio Spot

This 30 second ready-to-run radio spot is available for your county’s use. Contact your area radio station(s) to see if you will need to purchase time or if they will run as a public service announcement (PSA). Contact Tina Henderson if you need assistance at tinah@nefb.org or 402-421-4446.

Social Media Guide

Social media is a great, it’s a free tool to promote events and happenings! Utilize this social media guide to get attendees to your event. Remember to keep it visual!

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