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Livestock: Protecting Your Owned Livestock Revenue 

Join Kansas Farm Bureau April 19 at noon CT to learn how you can use Livestock Risk Protection and/or Livestock Gross Margin to protect your owned livestock (cattle, swine, dairy) revenue. By utilizing these livestock insurance products, you can help protect your livestock operation from market volatility while preserving upside potential! Register today!

Get Your Overweight Permit Exemption Form

Are you hauling grain from farm storage to market this spring? Don’t forget your Overweight Permit Exemption Form. Nebraska farmers will benefit from a Nebraska Farm Bureau supported 2021 legislative change to clarify the state’s overweight harvest permit requirements. The passage of the law clarifies that the existing 15 percent overweight permit exemption applies to seasonally harvested products going not only from field to storage or market, but also from farm storage to market. Download our form and keep it in your truck all year!

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