Bill Authorizing Health Benefits Plans Signed by Governor Pillen

Providing affordable healthcare to our members is a policy priority for Nebraska Farm Bureau. Our organization worked with District 19 State Sen. Robert Dover to sponsor LB 1313, a bill that would make it easier for our members to provide health care for their families. The bill was signed into law by Governor Pillen on April 2. 

Consistent with previous surveys, in a 2023 survey conducted by the Nebraska Farm Bureau, 81 percent of farm and ranch members indicated that the cost of health insurance was one of their main concerns. Because Affordable Care Act premiums often are unaffordable, the survey indicated they either do not purchase health insurance or they rely on a spouse who works for an employer that offers those benefits. Nebraska Farm Bureau is working to provide our members with this type of healthcare option. 

Under LB1313, health benefit plans that are sponsored by certain nonprofit agricultural organizations, such as Nebraska Farm Bureau, would provide benefits under a self-funded arrangement administered by a licensed third-party administrator. 

Under LB1313, participants need to be a member of an agricultural nonprofit organization offering a health benefits plan. The health benefit plans would offer services typically offered under traditional health insurance plans, including office visits, hospitalization, preventive care, emergency room services and maternity care. Mental health and substance abuse care would also be covered. 

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