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Statement by Steve Nelson, President, Regarding Sen. Sasse Livestock Transport Legislation

LINCOLN, NEB. – “On behalf of the Nebraska Farm Bureau I want to thank Sen. Sasse for his work in introducing the ‘Transporting Livestock Across America Safely Act.’ Livestock production is a major contributor to Nebraska’s local and state economies. The ability to transport livestock in timely and safe manners plays a major role in the success of Nebraska’s livestock sector.”

“Today, livestock haulers are forced to operate under strict regulations that fail to recognize the unique needs that exist in the transport of live animals. In many instances, these regulations force drivers to have animals on trucks longer than necessary, needlessly exposing them to the elements in winter and summer months. Sen. Sasse’s legislation will drive needed changes to ensure our transportation regulations reflect the ideals of modern livestock transport that are founded in the principals of reducing animal stress, while maintain safety on our roadways.”

The Transporting Livestock Across America Safely (TLAAS) Act would:

Provides that HOS and ELD requirements are inapplicable until after a driver travels more than 300-air miles from their source. Drive time for HOS purposes does not start until after 300-air mile threshold. 

Exempts loading and unloading times from the HOS calculation of driving time.

Extends the HOS on-duty time maximum hour requirement from 11 hours to a minimum of 15 hours and a maximum of 18 hours of on-duty time.

Grants flexibility for drivers to rest at any point during their trip without counting against HOS time.

Allows drivers to complete their trip – regardless of HOS requirements – if they come within 150-air miles of their delivery point.

Ensures that, after the driver completes their delivery and the truck is unloaded, the driver will take a break for a period that is 5 hours less than the maximum on-duty time (10 hours if a 15-hour drive time).

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