Economic Tidbits

Planting in Nebraska

Nebraska farmers are in the midst of planting season as the planters have begun rolling. Land planted to field crops in Nebraska this year is projected to be 19.7 million acres with the largest two crops being corn (9.7 million acres expected to be planted) and soybeans (5.7 million acres). Each year, farmers race against time, weather, and breakdowns to get crops planted. The USDA National Agricultural Statistic Service (NASS) reported 28 percent of the state’s corn crop was planted and 19 percent of the soybean crop through last week. Wet weather the past few days has slowed progress. Eastern corn belt states are further behind. The delays and slow progress raise a few questions. How long does it typically take Nebraska farmers to plant the state’s two largest crops? How many days are generally suitable for fieldwork during planting season? Are the days suitable for fieldwork changing over time? This week’s Tidbits discusses these questions.

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