Stories from the Field

NEFB The Crew 2020-2021

Agriculture in the Classroom

Ever since I joined FFA in high school, I have seen a huge importance for agriculture in the classroom for all ages at both small and big schools. Agriculture has made a large impact on my life since I was young growing up on our family farm raising cattle and growing corn and soybeans. In Nebraska, 1 in 4 jobs are related to agriculture. That makes it even more important for Nebraska students to understand agriculture and how it affects our daily life.

This last year I have been a member of Nebraska Farm Bureau The Crew as well as a Nebraska Wheat Board Ambassador. In January, I began the Nebraska Corn and Soy Collegiate Ambassador Program. These opportunities have allowed me to get into the classroom and present to students about the wheat, corn, and soybean sectors of the agriculture industry. I have been able to share my story to the students and over social media for The Crew.

I find it very important for students to learn from a young age about agriculture. As I have been in the classrooms, I have taught the students about more than just farming. They have learned about where their food comes from and the importance of agriculture. I went through a daily morning routine with the students and talked about how those objects relate back to agriculture. The clothes we wear are made from cotton. Toothpaste is derived from corn. The cereal we eat has whole grains. The milk at breakfast comes from dairy cows. The list goes on and on.

About anything and everything we touch and use is related to agriculture. Agriculture in the classroom is a simple way to teach students what agriculture is about and how their daily life relates to it. It is shocking to see the number of students who are uneducated about agriculture and how it affects us in the United States.

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