Economic Tidbits

Double Cropping Soybeans

President Joe Biden last week announced several new programs the administration is undertaking to address challenges created for agricultural producers and consumers due to inflation, supply chain challenges, and the conflict in Ukraine. One of the initiatives is increasing the number of counties eligible for double cropping insurance through Risk Management Agency (RMA) including many counties in Nebraska (Figure 4).

Figure 4. Counties Eligible for Double Cropping Insurance

Source: USDA Risk Management Agency

Seventy-two Nebraska counties are eligible for the double cropping program. Production and planting data over the past few years indicate 34 of the 72 counties have had both wheat and soybean production, implying double cropping could be an option. Given the expansion of the program, Nebraska Farm Bureau is wondering how many farmers might be interested in taking advantage of this new program. Please answer a brief HERE.

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