Economic Tidbits

Nebraska #1 in Cattle Receipts

Governor Ricketts proclaimed May as “Beef Month” in Nebraska, and rightfully so, as cattle and beef production are key cogs in the state’s economic engine. Recent data from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service serves as a reminder of the importance of Nebraska’s cattle production to the state and nation. Nebraska topped the nation in 2021 in cash receipts from cattle and calves marketing at $11.35 billion, up 18 percent from 2020. Texas was next with just over $10 billion followed by Kansas with $9.84 billion. The growth in sales was due to both more production and higher prices. Pounds of production were up almost 200 million and cattle prices in 2021 exceeded those received in 2020. Nationwide, receipts for the sale of cattle and calves increased from $63.1 billion to $72.9 billion. Nebraska’s receipts accounted for 15.6 percent of the national total.

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