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Nebraska Star Beef, local, family-owned and offering beef options

The Dale and Shawna Klute family have been raising cattle in southwest Nebraska for more than 20 years. They own and operate Phelps County Feeders and have built a 10,000-square-foot facility in 2017 on the grounds of their Holdrege feed yard to package and ship Nebraska Star Beef products. It is a family operation which includes four of their six children, two daughters-in-law’s, Dale’s brother, and nephew.

When consumers noticed a reduction in meat products in grocery stores at the beginning of the pandemic, some took matters into their own hands, working with farmers and ranchers directly to buy locally raised beef. Nebraska Farm Bureau’s member benefit partner Nebraska Star Beef is a company that buys, raises, and custom processes all-natural and conventional beef to be shipped directly to consumers. The company has seen a boom in business in the last three to four years. They attribute their success to the quality of beef they raise, customer service they provide, but also to the pandemic, which changed the dynamic of how people buy things.

“COVID helped us grow. People didn’t want to go out to buy groceries, so we have shipped a tremendous number of steaks and hamburgers around the country,” said Kayla Pfister, who shares ownership of Nebraska Star Beef with her dad and mom, Dale and Shawna Klute, and her brother Chandler Klute. Kayla is very active in coordinating production at Nebraska Star Beef and makes sure there is plenty of inventory to ship to their growing customer base.

“We ship meat, jerky, and seasoning packages across the country. We partner with Nebraska Farm Bureau to offer Farm Bureau members a 15 percent savings on all Nebraska Star Beef and Lucky Beef Jerky products,” Pfister said. Nebraska Farm Bureau is proud to partner with Nebraska Star Beef to offer Farm Bureau members this quality meat online.

Lucky® Beef Jerky is proud to supply many collegiate and professional athletic teams in the United States with a premium snack. They start with premium USDA Choice beef rounds and slice them thick before seasoning and cooking them to tender perfection. The beef sticks are ground from the leanest cuts of beef and are a great source of natural protein. Get Lucky and try this for your next snack or make your own using their DIY jerky making seasoning kits. 

Nebraska Star Beef offers hamburgers, steaks, and many other cuts of beef. They also produce their premium Lucky Beef jerky, which often is purchased by professional and collegiate athletic organizations. The company sells various products to include jerky and seasonings to accounts like Bass Pro/Cabela’s and Scheels.

“Our steaks are aged for 35 days before they are cut. That helps with the flavor and tenderness of the meat. We are passionate about producing the best beef products that we can produce, and our jerky is no exception. It is a lean, natural protein that is an exceptional snack. Another area Nebraska Star Beef rates high in is customer service. We are excited about our success and will continue to work hard to earn our customer’s business,” Pfister said.

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