Economic Tidbits

Agriculture Shorts

AgriPulse reports that Nebraska’s 3rd Congressional District, represented by Congressman Adrian Smith, is the nation’s top-selling district for agricultural commodities in 2022 with 34,297 farms selling more than $22.9 billion of agricultural products . . . According to a report by the Union of Concerned Scientists, 561 companies, industry associations, and other special interests reported lobbying on the farm bill between 2019-2023. Among the top spenders were the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American Crystan Sugar Company, Koch Industries, and American Farm Bureau . . . The Association of Equipment Manufacturers reported total tractor sales through April were down 10 percent compared to last year and sales of combines were down 13 percent . . . Karen Braun reported in Reuters that as of May 9, new crop U.S. soybean export sales had reached just 890,387 metric tons, a 19-year low and almost two-thirds lower than a year ago. The sales cover just 1.8 percent of the USDA initial 2024-25 export forecast. 

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