DOE Plans to Place Federal Power Lines Across Large Portion of Nebraska

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has recently entered Phase 2 of their National Interest Electric Transmission Corridor (NIETC) designation and has released a map showing selected zones. A large portion of Nebraska is covered with the plan for the “Northern Plains” NIETC.  

For background, the federal government has decided that the current process for creating power grids is inadequate. In response, the Federal Power Authority empowered the Secretary of Energy to designate land as a NIETC if they found it would advance national interest. This new NIETC process will potentially bypass state control with a new federal permitting process.  

NIETC designation is based mostly on the National Transmission Needs Study, and follows a four phase process. In Phase 1, the DOE found that the “Plains” region (which includes Nebraska) has both a current and future need. NEFB examined this in our previous newswire, addressing many concerns we had.  

The DOE has now entered Phase 2 and has released a map of the proposed NIETCs. The proposal shows a large portion of Nebraska covered, with plans for multiple sections up to 50 miles wide, 300 miles long east to west, and 400 miles long north to south (crossing both the Dakotas).  

During Phase 2, the DOE is currently taking comments from the public on their proposal. If you wish to submit a comment, click this link, scroll down to the “Submit Comments” section, and click the green “Comments” button to pull up an email. Comments are due by 4:00pm CST on June 24. 

You may find more information on the official webpage. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Kole Pederson, Director of Environmental & Regulatory Affairs, at

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